NASA Tournament Labs

I entered a modelling competition set up by NASA to create precision 3D models for use in their EVA simulations, they will be used to calculate the movements of the robotic arm aboard the ISS. You can find the competition here. Out of hundreds of entries and ninety-one finalists I came fourth in the first competition…not bad!

We were supplied with reference photography (see below) that included a scale grid to create a one to one model. As a Brit it was a little unusual to work in Feet and Inches but once the units were set in my 3D modelling program it was relatively straight forward.




 I was praised for the quality of my work which was thanks enough, but congratulations go to the winner, and I can see where he went above and beyond in terms presentation of his work. I really should’ve done an exploded render of my model to show all the different elements separately. Anyway, here are the images I created.